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Prior to working with Natalie, I was extremely anxious and depressed. I was suffering from several health problems as a result of my anxiety/depression, including hair loss, fatigue, etc. I had met with several therapists prior to finding Natalie, and no one felt like the right fit. 
Within the first minute of my initial call with Natalie, I instantly felt safe. In the months that followed, Natalie not only worked through the current problems I was facing, but she helped me dig into my past to find the deeper root of my anxieties. I hadn’t worked with a therapist in 11+ years, but Natalie expertly guided me through the process and asked the perfect questions that always helped me open up. She is not only an exceptionally gifted therapist, she also holds extensive knowledge in neuropsychology and taught me how our emotions impact our nervous system. She is also a licensed art therapist, and guided me through exercises where I expressed what I was feeling through art. This was deeply impactful and helped me not only express my emotions verbally, but visually as well.  
Natalie is incredibly patient, kind, caring, understanding, and the absolute best listener. Her words of wisdom are so deeply impactful and helped me understand myself and my emotions in ways I never had before. She is a true rarity and will completely transform your life.

Amanda S

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